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Bank Hall Action Group Membership

As most of our supporters will be aware, Bank Hall Action Group was formed to drive forward the saving of Bank Hall and the site of the pleasure grounds that surround the Hall.  It’s objectives will shortly be achieved in that all preliminary work to secure the Hall and the project that has been put together will shortly be finalised.
With this in mind a new group has been set up with a different constitution. The new Group “The Friends of Bank Hall” will take over from the Action Group.
Both groups will operate side by side until the 31st March 2013 unless it is decided to close down the Action Group before that date.
From the 1st April 2012 Membership of Bank Hall Action Group will be secondary to but will be joint with the “Friends of Bank Hall”.
If you wish to become a member, please go to The Friends of Bank Hall Page for further information and the Membership Form.

The Bank Hall Action Group has spent 16½ years striving to achieve its desire to preserve this building – part of our Heritage in Lancashire. It’s achievements have created a unique project which as far is known is a first in this country. These achievements and the group will not be forgotten.