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Disclaimer, Privacy & Other Statements


The site at Bank Hall is a Woodland area which has rough pathways.  It is a private site which is open to the public at certain times of the year.  Every care is taken to ensure that the pathways are of a reasonable standard.  The public are not permitted to access the site except on the published  “Open Days” but may be permitted to access the site on other occasions by officials of the parties referred to below. The public are not permitted to access the Hall as it is in a dangerous state.
Unauthorised access at any other times will be considered as “Trespass” and a prosecution may result.
The Parties - Bank Hall Action Group, The Friends of Bank Hall, The Heritage Trust for the North West & The Lilford Estate Trustees cannot be responsible for any accident or injury sustained on the site.
This website is owned by Mr.L.E. Taylor for and on behalf of the “Bank Hall Action Group” and “The Friends of Bank Hall”.  The information on this site is current, or either historic or a record of the activities of the Group. The historic information is from research by members of the group but may not be completely accurate although every care has been taken to verify such information.

Privacy Statement

This website is private to “The Bank Hall Action Group” and “The Friends of Bank Hall” but is shared with the general public in order to keep them informed of the Projects involving the site at Bank Hall, Bretherton.  The information on this site must not be used by any other party without the express permission of the above groups.
If we hold an email address for you, this is for the sole purpose of keeping you informed concerning the project by way of our News Sheets or by direct email if we feel it appropriate. We will not knowingly pass this on to any other Organisation or Commercial Enterprise.  If you wish to unsubscribe from our email list please notify us on the email address below.

  -The two Groups referred to above have the right to reproduce the historic photographs shown on this site.  All other images are in the ownership of “Bank Hall Action Group” and its successor Group “The Friends of Bank Hall” and must not be reproduced without its express permission. 
Visitors to the Bank Hall site are asked to note that any photographs taken of the Hall or in the grounds are strictly for personal use only and are not to be taken or used for Commercial use.  Permission for the use of photographs for Commercial use must be requested prior to any publication. 

We publish our own history book and other material and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of any publications purported to be of Bank Hall and the Gardens unless it is authorised by ourselves or The Heritage Trust for the North West.

Permission to use any photographs/images or any material on this site and/or permission to use any photographs taken within the boundaries of the site can be requested via: