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News Highlights

August 2017

Secure compound around the Building works completed and clearing out the building and stabilisation work commences on the East side.  Press Release goes out on the 23rd August.

July 2017

Permission to Start granted by The Heritage Lottery Fund. Preliminary work commences on the 10th July.

June 2017

Legal documentation completed and signed by all parties.

Spring 2016

Funding for The Potting Sheds project is pulled by HLF & LEF due work not having commenced on the Main Project. Both funders had allowed their grants to go to two years instead of the 6 month normal timescale. This project will be subject to new applications in due course.

July 2012
Entrust have confirmed a successful registration of the "Potting Sheds Project" and a formal application has now been submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the remaining funding for Phase 1 of this project.

June 2012

"The Friends of Bank Hall"  are awarded Registered Charitable Status - Registration Number:  1147592

May 2012

The Friends of Bank Hall have successfully registered as an Environmental Body. This was necessary following news that some of the funding for the Potting Sheds project has been promised by the Lancashire Environmental Fund.  The Project itself has to be registered and we are awaiting news of this at the present time.

October 2011

Main Project  -  Heritage Trust for the North West Building Team started work on stabilising the North West Wing Porch.  Action Group Members and Volunteers are assisting in clearing areas in and around the Hall.
Potting Sheds Project  -  Working Party organised to clear the Potting Sheds. Eight Volunteers came to help and substantial work was done. Thanks to all those who helped.
Successor Group  -  The Constitution of the successor Group “The Friends of Bank Hall” was agreed by the Bank Hall Action Group at the Group Meeting on the 5th.   

September 2011

Potting Sheds Project  -  Planning Consent received for the Potting Sheds Project

August 2011

Main Project  -  Stage 2 Lottery Bid submitted on time by Heritage Trust for the North West.

June 2011

Main Project  -  Legal & Planning matters are being finalised and the paperwork for the Stage 2 Lottery bid is being prepared for submission.